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Age of empires 2 cheats codes for pc free download

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Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Cheats — From Cobra Car to Instant Win | Gadgets

Foe of the Britons Through your various skills you have defeated the Byzantines in battle. Random Civilization One Hundred Victories After twenty five victories, you have shown that you truly can lead any civilization to glory. Ссылка на подробности of the Slavs In twenty conflicts you have defeated the Spanish. King of the Hill You have successfully completed all of the Le Loi campaign scenarios. Champion of the Magyars You have led the Malians to victory ten times. Learn about our Editorial Process. Champion of the Slavs You have led the Spanish to victory ten times.


Age of empires 2 cheats codes for pc free download


They will just come and roam near your city outside but cannot attack your city. Always try to make your city wide open because they cannot attack the gates but will ataack the incities buildings like houses,barracks and all buildings by means of archers. So your first priority should be surrounding your city with gates.

Cheat: Submitted by: Chandramouli type “furious the monkey boy”in the chatbox by pressing enter key. You will receive a little monkey at your town center. Hint: Submitted by: sekyere joseph if you want to gain more resources you need to create more villages. If the population is 75 you will need not less than 25 villagers so that the will provide more resources so that you can create more soldiers for attack.

Before starting a multiplayer game you will have to take a tribe which has more reserches so that your men and building will be stronger enough to stand any kind of attacks. Hint: Submitted by: steven take ur time and go till imperial age and reaserch the bombtower now choose 1 or 2 villagers and take them near a enemy buulding and just make the tower near tha building and take the villager away after some time the tower will be attacking the building but u must also take some archer with u and keep near the tower so that the tower won’t be distroyedor just make a keep near it and put some archer inside or when u r attacking your enemy and if u r inside the enemy town you can take some villagers and take them near a enemy buulding and just make the tower near the buildings one by one it will save ur time and u will win easily u must have enough stones good luck on your conquest.

More bases advantage: To have a better chance of winning, you might want to build more than one base. Saving your villagers: Use the following trick to keep your villagers alive while hunting boars.

If you are in the Castle Age, create some monks and place them near the villagers as the kill the boar. The monk will continue to replenish the villagers’ health as they kill the boar. Easy win: For easy victory over the CPU under any difficulty setting, place eight to twelve villagers into three control groups. Then, have two control groups working on gold and one working on stone until all of the stone piles and gold piles are gone. Next, build at least two of every building and upgrade everything as fast as possible.

If done quick enough you should be able to either swarm your enemy or surround him with castles. Explore enemy territory without being attacked: Advance to the Feudal age, build a Market, then create a Trade Cart. Use the Trade Cart to safely explore your opponent’s territory. If your opponent is neutral, they will not harm the Trade Cart.

The shah will begin attacking it! The only drawback is that the shah has very little attack. More Bases Advantage: To have a better chance of winning, you might want to build more than one base. This is very helpful if your enemy knows where one of your bases is located, especially during online play. At the starting of the game messages will appear like that – “X Changed diplomatic stance with you to neutral.

Thus in next age when you have a market,messages will apper for make ally by giving some resources of food,wood,gold or stone. Cheat: Submitted by: kevin Dont build walls build watch towers infront of this “watch tower wall” build a castle.

Walk on water: Create a scenario and make all allies and enemies as desired, but have at least two enemies. Make the map have water and build an enemy bridge or go to a campaign with a bridge for example, Attila the Hun. Enable the torpedo code, followed by the number of whatever player it is with a bridge.

The bridge will disappear. Then, click a unit and walk on the “bridge”. Cheat: Submitted by: Woogey Type “furious the monkey boy” gives you an awesome little dude, able to raze everything in his way, a lot more efficient than cars. Confuse enemys: When you start the game the game in a hard level, the enemy might attack pretty quickly and destroy your village before you have a chance to build your resources.

Just enter all the food,wood,stone and gold cheats and advance to the imperial age. Then send a couple of your villagers and units to guard the villagers to a blank corner of the map and build a wall around one of the villagers.

If your village gets destroyed just destroy the stone wall and get the villager in there to build a new and secret base. This will confuse your enemys in to tyhinking you are destroyed. Easy win: First, make as many allies as possible. Advance through as many ages as you can to upgrade all your units.

Make sure you can build Towers and Castles. Next, go directly next to your ally’s main city and surround it with towers. Build a castle every so often on your way from your city to theirs, so they cannot counterattack.

Next, build up an army of siege weapons for the buildings and cavalry for everyone else , and position them inside your ally’s city. Finally, switch them to “Enemy”, sit back, and watch the city crumble. Tip when fighting the AI: You can take advantage of the AI in AoK by building a wall around your entire base except for a small and heavily fortified opening, the AI will only enter through the opening you left and will get slaughtered if you have archers.

You can go further by making a maze- like entrance which will increase the time the enemy spends getting fired upon. Your own history: You can change what the history section says in the Aok title Screen says by right clicking on the Aok icon and click on find target and when the windows opens click on history and edit the any notepad file the check out the history section on the Aok title screen and it should say what you typed into the notepad file.

Unfortunately you cannot change the name of the topic for example if you edited the Britons it will still say Britons. In mission one of the William Wallace campaign, if you type in the reveal map cheat code Marco you will see the ES logo on the west side of the map.

Fortress, Which Can Never Be Taken: To make a fort which will never, ever be taken by the enemy, you need to set up a game in ‘the black forest’ as the name sugests, you start in This tactic will take about 1 hour. Easy taunts: Type in the number that appears next to the taunt to access it easily for example, “Long time, no siege” and “Don’t point that thing at me”.

Start a new map, and repeat this five times to get “The Quickening” achievement. Start the map, and delete your Wonder to end the map. Repeat this process fifty times to get the “Wonder Defender” achievement. Start the map, then delete your three villagers, town center, and horseman. You will get one point after the map ends. Repeat this fifty times to get the “Wonder Race Mastery” achievement. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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Top 10 Good Games. The 7 Fantabulous Faces of Harley Quinn. More Special Features Around The Web. Without a Town Center, no cheat units will appear even if the correct codes are typed. Entering any cheat codes will prevent the user from obtaining any achievements except campaign -related ones in that session. In the Definitive Edition , using cheat codes will also disable the medal earned in a singleplayer scenario, as well as any campaign-related achievements. These cheat codes are only available upon completing challenges during events in the Definitive Edition , and cannot be acquired after the event concludes.

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You have achieved the first multi-player victory of many to come. Legend among the Saracens One thousand victories commanding the Slavs! Master of the Siege You have fought in one thousand single-player battles! Defender of the Chinese Dowhload of the Shotel Warrior, you have led the Ethiopians to victory fifty times. There’s no problem, if you need food, only type cheese steak jimmy’s. Foe of the Goths Through your various skills you have defeated the Huns in battle.

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