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However, as mentioned earlier, compared to the current PC version, there are also some surprising omissions.❿

Sony sound forge pro 11 review free download.Developer’s Description


Powerful editing tools The software offers pro-level control over audio editing, EQ, volume, and effects processing. You can mix audio tracks, balance sound levels, and create custom fades. It also lets you perform precise, real-time editing of audio files with simple drag-and-drop operations.

Expertly balance sound levels, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio with video. Effects processing The program gives you the power to customize your creations with studio-quality effects such as EQ, delay, chorus, and reverb. Liven up presentations, recordings, and music using the included 1, Sound Effects. Sound Forge Pro for PC.

Audacity 3. Letasoft Sound Booster 1. Adobe Audition Acid Pro 11 3. MorphVOX Pro 5. Power Sound Editor Free 8. Your review for Sound Forge Pro. Within the main display, the mouse can be used to make selections for editing tasks. Depending upon where you drag — along a track’s edges, in the centre or across tracks — you can select material from just a single track or all tracks; again, it’s all neat and very intuitive.

If you want multiple files open at the same time, tabs appear at the top of the Editor pane, and you can also open a second Editor pane and stack the two panes, either vertically or horizontally.

Three further panels can be made to appear to the left, right and underneath the Editor pane. In the left and right panels, the tools are stacked, while in the bottom panel the tools appear as a tabbed list and the user can switch between them. If you just need more room for the Editor pane, you can, of course, just toggle the display of these additional panels off. All in all, I like the overall design of the user interface and I think this is one area where Sony’s ‘fresh start’ approach to developing the Mac version has paid off.

Projects can be saved in a variety of audio formats as well as the SF project format. Sound Forge Pro Mac’s suite of tools caters for all general editing tasks with ease. You can work directly with a range of audio file formats but, if you are going to do any serious work, it is well worth saving the file as a Sound Forge project this has a ‘. This format contains your audio plus other elements you might have added via the editing process, such as markers, regions, plug-ins and plug-in automation, and an edit history.

The last is particularly useful, as it allows you to undo your edits should you wish, although it would be even better if there was a ‘history list’ that could be viewed and from which you could pick a point within the history to return to; as it stands, you just have to step backwards one edit at a time.

By contrast, edits made to a WAV file are applied destructively when the file is re-saved. Editing work is done in four different modes, which can be chosen via the buttons at the base of the Editor pane or from the Edit menu.

The default mode is Time, wherein the cursor appears as a standard arrow which can be used, for example, to make time-based selections within the Editor pane. Pencil mode lets you redraw the waveform manually, and is available only at high magnification levels, while Envelope mode is used when creating and editing automation envelopes.

The other mode is Event, of which more in a moment. SFPM includes a fairly standard marker system, so that you can highlight specific points along the timeline.

New markers can be added at the current cursor position using the ‘M’ keyboard shortcut. You can make a time selection within your waveform by clicking and dragging in the area between the overview waveform and the time. Having made such a selection, if you right-click on the horizontal grey bar that defines its length, a context menu appears, allowing you to loop playback of the selection or to insert a Region.

Regions indicated by the green flags and Events the vertical boxes provide various ways to organise sections within your audio, while an envelope system allow effects parameters to be fully automated. Once defined, Regions then appear in the Region List pane markers also appear in this list , where they can be named. As well as identifying key sections within your project, such as verses and choruses, SFPM’s Regions can be exported as separate audio files.

This has a number of potential uses: for example, if you wanted to define a number of short loops from within a single recording, each could be identified as a Region and then be exported in a single operation. When in Event editing mode, you can split the current file at the cursor into separate Events. Events can have their own fade-in, fade-out and level curves, and two Events can be crossfaded. Like Regions, they can be resized, but they can also be moved along the timeline.

This makes it possible to rearrange audio. For example, you could swap the first and second verses of a song around, or retrospectively change the set list of a live concert recording. Equally, if you were to cut and paste a series of individual song mixes into a single SFPM project and define each as an Event, you could experiment with a CD running order. Indeed, one of the timeline options is to display Audio CD Time, so you can also check whether your total running time will fit on a CD.

Rather oddly, you cannot currently export Events as separate audio files, as you can with Regions. This is not such a big deal, as you can create a Region from an Event, although you have to do this one Event at a time. A ‘convert all Events to Regions’ command would be nice. The bundled iZotope plug-in offers excellent mastering, corrective and file conversion tools. Sound Forge on the Windows platform includes a number of Sony’s own audio processing plug-ins, which had always been something of a weakness.

The Mac version includes a small number of Sony’s own plug-ins for processes such as normalisation and channel conversion, but mainly takes advantage of Apple’s stock plug-ins, which both look better and, to my ears at least, sound better than their PC counterparts.

Even better are the various iZotope plug-ins. I’ve always been a big fan of iZotope’s Ozone mastering software and here, with the separate EQ, reverb, compressor, limiter, stereo imager and exciter plug-ins, you get a very similar range of functionality. As is the case with the PC version, you also get the very effective iZotope declicker, denoiser and declipper, plus their sample-rate and bit-depth conversion tools.

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Within the main display, the mouse can be used to make selections for editing tasks. Let Us Help You. The CD was scratched a little but still usable. Best Motion Graphics Software. Audio Downloads. Mailbird Free Download. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.❿

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